Crossing the Chasm: Strengthening Communication

3hours | Outdoor | 10 to 80 participants

This simulated search and rescue program gives teams an opportunity to discover and harness the diverse skills of team members. Everyone works together to find, treat and evacuate "victims." This complex initiative asks participants to think strategically before launching into action and to maximize resources that are, at times, scarce. Action based activities may include: High angle rescue, search techniques, basecamp management, navigation, shelter building, water rescue, confined space, first aid, etc.

This challenge invites individuals to transfer knowledge and support one another to form task-based partnerships, creatively solve problems together, think strategically before launching into action; uncover motivational diversity as a source of strength to be harnessed by the team, and to express their lateral leadership potential.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Recognize silo thinking
  • Create common ground
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Emergent leadership