2.5 hours | Indoor | 12 to 300 participants

Searching for a model of brilliant teamwork in action? Look no further than the kitchen of a great restaurant. Chefs practice communication, prioritizing, adaptability and improvisation every day. Now your corporate team can harness and hone these same skills by participating in Put Your Chef Hat On! This unique and popular culinary adventure mixes one part The Iron Chef with one part The Amazing Race to produce an unforgettable team building experience.

The Details

  • Competitive teams must create a culinary masterpiece
  • Ingredients and cooking equipment are earned through a variety of challenges, including food trivia, blinded aroma station, and some out of the ordinary team building exercises
  • Teams must adapt, improvise and harness all of their creative thinking
  • Teams must dazzle a panel of judges by delivering an innovative marketing presentation
  • Time and resources are limited and pressure is high

Learning Outcomes

  • Build relationships by allowing your team to play with a purpose
  • Inject a high-energy event into your offsite meetings
  • Balance limited time and resources to create and market a winning product