The Mastermind Group, is a gathering of like minded business owners who are interested in the power of community and what happens if leaders share their resources, experience, and mastery in support of collective growth and development.

The formation of this group is inspired by Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich. He suggests that if you want to be successful, surround yourself with people who are masterful and have a personal interest in seeing you succeed. So ...

  • What if an entire business community cared about and supported the success of the whole?
  • What if their resources, experience, talents and strengths were made readily available to all?
  • What if they believed and understood there is enough "of the pie" for everyone?
  • What if they met once a month to collaborate and help each other succeed?

To ensure our meetings are engaging and productive we often utilize A Pro-Action Cafe methodology. This effective format is scalable to any size group and allows for productive, meaningful and action based conversations. It allows for multiple topics to be on the table at once, and for many perspectives to be shared on each of those topics. A professional facilitator ensures the process is fun, engaging, progressive, and aligned with what is most alive in the moment. Itís purpose is to support individuals and communities in moving forward, and to co-create all that is possible.

What happens at our gatherings...

  • Gain access to experience and skill sets you don't have
  • Learn from a wide range of diverse perspectives
  • Be inspired by the creative energy formed when gathered as a group
  • Receive valuable tips and tools for making tough decisions
  • Navigate the bigger issues together
  • Get into action and make change happen!

These gatherings attract a wide range of business expertise, from a variety of industries. We hope to differ in our opinions of what we believe is true, in order to generate tension in our thoughts and feelings about the topics being discussed, so that we may explore more deeply all that is possible - the solution is in the difference!

We invite you to engage in the 4 fold practice of gathering:

4 Fold Practice

Here is a short video that outlines how the pro-action cafe works:

If you are a business owner in the Collingwood, ON area, see value in collaboration and the power of community in conversations, please join our facebook page to stay informed of our meetings and current initiatives.

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