The Art and Science of Dying

This is not a topic you bring to the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table and yet it is a topic that we all must face at some point. We think bringing this topic to the table can be very supportive and inspiring, offering people a chance to connect in a deeper more meaningful way about things that matter most!!

Nino, Jake and Christy have combined their unique gifts and talents of supporting people, to offer our community a chance to learn and find ease through the tough conversations.

First up... A community in conversation

Saturday, February 25th 10am - 3pm, in Collingwood join us for a conscious and intentional conversation about the end-of- life.

Through his work with individuals at the end-of-life, Nino Sekopet has noticed that, even in the absence of physical pain and suffering, experiences of fear and anxiety are more prevalent than calmness and surrender as they approach the final stage of their lives. Nino's intention is always to stay curious about the experience of death and dying, and that living question has taken him to the places that he least expected. Witnessing the journey of final stages of life and dying, and staying curious about it, has profoundly affected Nino deepening his understanding of life and living.

In this workshop we will share personal experiences connected with death and dying, explore emotional territory that surrounds it, and gain wisdom about life and living that will help us to surrender in peace once our time comes.

Seating is limited advanced registration is required! See event listing below and book your spot now!

Your Workshop Hosts

Nino Sekopet

After graduating and receiving MSc degree my deep wish to learn about physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of who we are as a human beings took me on a journey from Croatia, via Switzerland, to Canada.

I have begun my education at the Snowlion School Center in Switzerland, where I’ve graduated from a four year program in body-centered psychotherapy and psycho-dynamic counselling, with the emphasis on the human energy systems, craniosacral therapy, and integrative approach to healing.

Upon moving to Canada I’ve continued my education in psychotherapy in Toronto, adding the relational aspect to my healing and psychotherapy practice and I got certified as an Advanced Clinician in Imago Relationship Therapy.

In addition, in 2010, I have graduated from a three year master-equivalent program in clinical psychotherapy, with an emphasis on early childhood development, early relational and collective trauma, neuroscience and mindfulness, at the Center for Intentional Living, New York USA.

Currently I work as a Personal Support Program manager at Dying with Dignity Canada where my role is to support individuals and their families through the process of dying.

In addition I offer individual, couples and group therapy in a shared private practice in Toronto and Collingwood. In collaboration with a several clinics in GTA I also provide psychotherapy services for clients who suffer from trauma and chronic pain..

Click here to read more about Nino in Maclean's Magazine's recent article: At ground zero of assisted death

Jake McArthur

For over 20 years Jake was the President of a number of retail chains in Canada such as LensCrafters.

For the past 17 years he has been an executive coach and a facilitator of leadership workshops and entrepreneurial peer-support groups. He is also an officiant for weddings and end-of-life celebrations and does video narration and voice-overs.

Jake has volunteered with hospice organizations since 2000 and currently volunteers with Hospice Georgian Triangle. He also hosts Death Cafes creating opportunities for people to speak more openly about death and grief.

He has an MBA and several years ago returned to school to study spirituality and earned a Doctor of Ministry degree.

Jake is a poet, playwright and actor and leads poetry workshops for undiscovered poets.

He moved to Collingwood in 2014 after living in Caledon for the previous 25 years.

He is married to Roz and lives a charmed life as grandfather to Julian and Lucy.

Christy Deere

“I want to discover, explore and then go beyond the edge; I tend to say yes to the unique and exciting experiences that show up in my life, especially the ones that scare me.”

Christy has lived her life in a series of adventures, some small, some epic.

“At first, I had no idea I was creating my adult self, but all through my childhood I seemed to be the one who was bold and confident and caring, and it got me into all kinds of trouble.

“But when I started to really pay attention, and take an interest in human growth and development, I realized that every one of those adventures has taught me something. It turns out that I am the kind of person who takes risks and walks through those open doors into the unknown - for the experience, for the learning, for the opportunity to grow.”

“You could say I’ve been in the apprentice program to obtain a Master’s Degree in Life.”

Out of all this, Christy has developed a passion for offering similar experiences to her clients, who, with her guidance, make courageous strides in their own growth and learning.

Christy’s experience and compassion make her an ideal guide to the learning adventure.