Team Everest

Full Day | Indoor | 10 to 500 participants

Whether you are on the mountain, or in an organization, high-performance teams that are aligned with a shared vision, are clear about their roles & responsibilities, know how to go through conflict by separating facts from assumptions, and they make tough timely decisions that have risk.

With the vast array of complex, and at times ambiguous information bombarding organizations, team-based decision-making is often an arduous process. Team Everest is a sophisticated multi-media simulation that highlights the value of shared leadership, the importance of explicit decision-making processes, and the power of a shared vision within the team.

Based on an actual expedition in 1986 that brought the first North American woman to the summit of Mount Everest, this simulation virtually transports team members to the mountain where they will make real-time critical decisions that will determine your team's fate! Our qualified facilitators ensure that key learning's are transferred to the work environment thus allowing the team to define the “summits ” they must face together at work and what it takes to be successful as a team.

During this training and development program, teams must resolve the tension between personal values and a team-derived vision statement. Experiment with different decision-making methodologies as a statement of commitment. Discover the necessary team dynamics for effective decision-making under adverse conditions of time-pressure, information complexity, ambiguity and overload. Learn to make decisions in the face of changing group membership as smaller groups complete critical tasks.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Team alignment
  • Define team roles
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Inspire performance
  • Make good decisions