Ultimate Challenge: Healthy Competition

1.5 hours / Outdoor or Indoor / 8 to 100 participants

This challenge requires the team to problem solve in an integrated manner, using all the materials and information that each sub-group possesses in order to achieve the shared objective. The overall measure of success will be the shortest time span it takes to arrive at the landing zone, from the first person's departure to the last person's arrival.

Learning Outcomes

  • Focus on the big picture while accomplishing small tasks
  • Adherence to quality
  • Shared leadership
  • Sharing resources

  • " Christy Deere was retained by the Osler Bluff Ski Club to facilitate a goal setting and team building session as part of our annual pre-season staff orientation. Given her experience in the ski industry, Christy was quickly able to develop a program to meet our unique needs and group size. The delivery of the workshops and follow up was very professional and in all respects, Leap to Learn was a pleasure to work with. "

    5 Stars